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Spencer W. Kimball

Zilco Driving Harness

There is nothing more practical and serviceable than a set of Zilco synthetic harness for everyday and competition work. Manufactured from the finest materials, the Zilco harness offers outstanding performance, strength and durability. The main benefit of synthetic harness is the low maintenance serviceability that endears it for everyday use. Unlike leather, Zilco harness is much easier to maintain and clean as it is washable and water repellent

As Master Saddlers we have been appointed by Zilco main agents for their extensive range of driving harness and accoutrements. We are able to offer an expert fitting service as well as the best advice for harness choice for you and your equines individual needs.

We welcome your enquiry where we can discuss your very individual requirements.


Full sets or individual pieces available to order.


Synthetic repairs and restoration undertaken.


You can view the full Zilco driving catalogue online here

Driving Harness

There is nothing that exudes quality craftsmanship more than a set of English harness. Revered the world over, English leather harness is simply the best you can get. Our skills in traditional harness making is the foundation of our work allowing a deep understanding of tailoring, quality, and performance requirements.

Whether you need a commissioned piece tailored to your horse or repairs to a much favoured vintage set, you will be assured of the finest skills and quality standards.

We welcome your enquiry where we can discuss your very individual requirements.


Bespoke hand made English leather harness, full sets or individual pieces.


Leather  or synthetic repairs and restoration.